My name is Smart Ho, On 2012 I created a facebook page about topic that everyone can relate, FOOD. From there, my page started to get more attention from local and people who is coming to Sabah. I receive many questions, “Where can I go at KK?”, “What to do in Sabah?”,”Any must try food?” and many more question.

My email exploded! Hmmm, maybe I can share my personal experience in a brand new website, I told myself. After plenty of research, I found out there are limited websites sharing travel information about Sabah. If yes, they are pretty much commercialized (paid reviews etc). I can do better than this. So, I created

sabah tour package s

One years after writing countless of facebook posts and team up with several other page who shared the same vision as well, I was about to do an official website launch. The website is getting plenty of buzz even before it launch.

The buzz must have spread among Kota Kinabalu tourism industry, as I received an email from local travel agent, asking me if I’d like to partner with them because of what I contributed in Sabah tourism scene. “We have a few Sabah tour packages to promote, especially Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages.

We believe we are able to get more exposures for Sabah’s tourism if we can work together”. And we proceed to meet with Sabah Tourism Board and few more local travel agents, and we get a BIG YES for working together for getting more exposures for our beautiful Sabah.

Our appointed travel agent partner, Tembok Besar Sdn. Bhd., is doing the major heavy-lifting by providing Mount Kinabalu Climbing packages and handle the customer service, while is promoting the Sabah travel packages on the internet, and gives travelers more choices to choose from. This also allows visitors to ask questions and directly arrange mount climbing packages in simple and efficient manner.

With more than 20+ staff working at Tembok Besar Sdn. bhd., we have now helped more than 300+ clients to arrange their Mount Kinabalu Climbing package in 2012 – 2013, and there is no sign of slowing down.

We’ve received many thanks and gratitude from past clients for arranging their mount climbing trip and making their travel experience such a pleasure and memorable one. You might be asking at this point…

If you have all of the customers requesting travel package to Sabah, why don’t you close the sales your own? Good question. Because running a few website properties and offline businesses myself have taken all my time and I am unable to give deserved attention and time to clients, so I am giving Tembok Besar Sdn Bhd the full responsibility for keeping our clients happy and attended, have all the attention they deserve. I am handling my clients over to safe hands.

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