resistance to the elements of his body, in time, will be successful, be my one big help!"  Qin mansion deep, a person is regarded as extremely Qin Quiet forbidden place, no one could be heard loudly heard faint sigh.Qin Chapter 002   Tian Ling continent, a vast, resource-rich, has many treasures, described as vast land, Ling Jie people.  And on top of this continent, divided into many countries, large and small, dozens, indeed relive.  Some places, there will be war. On the day the spirit of the continent, the perennial battle, the war again and again, almost every few years there will be a kingdom perish, or the birth of a new kingdom.  But in the central mainland, stands a vast empire, focused, no one dares to its aggression.  The empire's name is Sai Luoya, also known as the world center of the great empire!  Not only does it occupy the whole continent has almost a quarter of the land area, strength is very strong, prosperous economy, is very prosperous. Most importantly, the whole continent's top spiritual cultivation strong, most of them being in 赛罗亚.  It is shock and awe the entire continent, called the ruler day spiritual continent, has a no impregnable position.  In the more powerful devotional and popular trend, all the rich and powerful who are often the most likely to repair the profound spiritual, few ordinary people.  It is precisely because the continent, everyone from small to practice for the early achievement spiritual Quebec, a real spiritual, to have a certain status.  In general, within two years failed to sense the aura who is regarded as waste, there is no potential. To sixteen-year-old still can not achieve spiritual teacher who can be described as hopeless life and become mortal. By the thirties can not be spiritual achievements Quebec, is almost no hope.  Of course, in the spiritual family, and that this point will be more clear, usually before age requirements push some. And once they are judged hopeless spiritual Quebec, will be marked with the name of "waste", "fool" and the like, cold and cast aside by the tribe, and even other spiritual children of the family suffered exclusion and ridicule.  In addition to spiritual family, Tommy Hilfiger outlet,Tommy Hilfiger outlet,cheap Tommy Hilfiger,Tommy Hilfiger online, Tommy Hilfiger Canada, Outlet, Online, Store,, spirit days on the mainland, there are still many devotional sects, has a good talent to absorb spiritual.  In the southeast corner of the continent spirit days, there is a vassal state, named Rex.  It is in many vassal state, and can only be considered general, the border often of war.  Qin, then Rex is located within the city 昆罗 as spiritual family, the city has a higher status and power.  昆罗 city, close to the southern Rex, in all cities in the country can be ranked in the forefront.  City, Santo is the most powerful forces in the family, and then tied with three family devotions, Qin is one of them.  Spring to autumn, the instant two years passing by, Qin Feng twelve years old. In these two years, he never gave up the element to absorb into the body, has always insisted on trying, however, not a success.  Over the years, he suffered a tribe of ridicule and cold, faced ridicule and disdain outsiders, dreams of the night, as well as ancestors that disappointed look with a heavy sigh, repeatedly surfaced. All this, like a root spikes, constant tingling in his heart, his body, so that it'd rather die.  And it is precisely because of these years of experience, making the original that young and frivolous, boasted the genius of Qin Feng is not already, become more and more silent, become somewhat eccentric personality. He will complete convergence past arrogance, deeply buried in the depths of my heart.  This day, Qin Feng practicing for a long time, but ended in failure. Glanced at the sky, fleet approaching evening, and today is a direct descendant of Qin family dinner once a month time, immediately got out of the room.  "Yo, this is not what our maple master, known for centuries a rare genius, like the original but incredibly arrogant ah."  "Hey, genius Well, it is inevitable proud, but unfortunately ah, did not last long, turned out to be a natural anti-element body, it really is a genius ah, this system really is a rare century. Ha ha ha!"  On the road, he saw two slightly larger than the Qin Feng teenage brothers with the family and started a burst of cynicism.  The two men of talent in general, has just reached the pinnacle of spiritual teacher soon, is the impact of spiritual Quebec.  In the Qin, the general spirit can achieve twenty-four former Quebec, otherwise even the waste, the tribe would have been marginalized.  Qin Feng did not smell like a remote control, fighting back the hearts of anger and humiliation, straight through from their side.  "Hmmm, how, talent is not good, even the eyes are not good with the mouth Us but your cousin, brother, do not know how to greet see it " In which a man named Qin Dong, sneered, "Oh, right I almost forgot. did you, too, for we are always arrayed stink face, we will not see the greeting. "  "Hmmm, East Columbia, this guy thought he was the original genius. Either his father is my direct descendant of Qin, the patriarch and his mother begged him to stay, I'm afraid I would have been kicked out of the Qin home. This waste, keep Qin is a waste of my resources. "  Heard that, Qin FengTommy Hilfiger outlet,Tommy Hilfiger outlet,cheap Tommy Hilfiger could not help clenched fist, you want to argue, but can come to refute it   His father named Qin Xiaolong, Qin Xiao Qin