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Where Qin Qin Feng, is such a spiritual family, majoring in earth elements and wood elements.  His parents are wooden devotional, according to common sense, he became a high likelihood wood spirit Quebec.  Life is unpredictable can often show amazing talent at an early age, by all believe Quebec will be able to become a wood spirit, he was eventually found to be naturally resistant element body, and his stop at the pinnacle of spiritual teacher.  Six, Qin Feng as everyone in general, began to practice. Surprisingly, he was very prominent for the aura of sentiment, indeed gifted.  At the beginning of practice on the same day came to realize that the existence of Reiki, and at night attracted a Reiki into the body, to become spiritual believers. After only a year and three months to reach spiritual teacher, and spent two years to reach the pinnacle of spiritual teacher.  In other words, he spent more than three years, reached the pinnacle of spiritual teacher from ordinary children.  And in general, a child to reach guru, you need at least four years before the age of fourteen can reach the pinnacle of absolute spiritual teacher belongs genius.  And so, like Qin Feng, the body can be described as under-day lives, most evildoer existence.  God seems to be playing Qin Feng, gave him a bear who can joke, under such amazing talent, actually has a natural resistance to the elements body, life can only be trapped in the guru.  "Bang!"  I heard muffled in the Qin Feng's room came out, I saw the aura too rich, causing a gas explosion, couch bed beneath him also issued a "creak" Tommy Hilfiger outlet,Tommy Hilfiger outlet,cheap Tommy Hilfiger,Tommy Hilfiger online, Tommy Hilfiger Canada, Outlet, Online, Store,, sound.  Originally transparent aura, Qin Feng who actually reflected in the faint light, fast absorbing too outrageous, as if giant swallowed water in general, saw majestic aura lunged, then into his body blink of an eye. These are like the aura of the victims of hunger and thirst in the desert for several days, and suddenly they found an oasis, mad rushes away.  The extent of this absorption is not an ordinary Reiki guru can be achieved, even if it is an unusual spirit of Quebec are humbled.  Discovery of this phenomenon Qin Feng, stopped continue to absorb the aura, Muran eyes, growled: "wood element, now!"  With his voice down, I saw around gradually emerge out of a strip of blue light, as if there is a hint of gas coming vegetation.  Innocent face on Qin Feng is not exposed to any look, eyes closed again, the body exudes a strangely attractive, actually pulling around the blue light towards him close.  Dozens of blue light constantly close, just touching the skin of when Qin Feng, like a shock, suddenly bounce, completely avoid it, no longer close.  Qin Feng's face looked still no change, a phenomenon that he has seen several times, not discouraged, feeling surrounded by other wooden elements again.  Awhile, but also dozens of blue light wound from, at first, is extremely smooth, Qin Feng's body can be touched, they have to avoid those blue back light, completely excluded.  So several times, without any hint of blue light can be lucky enough to enter the body, as if his body is really a resist body withstood access to all wooden elements.  This phenomenon has been maintained year, he wanted to try other elements, but unfortunately the sentiment a few months, in addition to wood element, can not always sensitive to the presence of other elements. As for his mental strength, although some stronger than the average person, but still not up to the requirements of M & M repair, after all, or not.  In the end, leads the annual retreat in ten days, regardless of family ancestors things Qin, Qin Feng look at the parts that extraordinary talent, seeking to spend a large amount of money to help unite elements Ju Yuan Dan, and to their ability to lead Dafa for him pulling wood element into the body.  Unfortunately, the result was failure, and was born ancestors assertion is anti-element body, disappointed to leave.  And since that day onwards, the past continues to tout for flattery Qin Feng tribe began a sneer, its cast disdain, cold eyes, and Qin disappointed departed ancestors back in sigh deeply imprinted in their minds .  "For me, nothing to absorb the aura of difficulty, even sentiment wood element, it is not difficult, but it happens not absorb into the body, hateful ah!"  Qin Feng hearts sigh, has infinite grief.  Time flies, dazzling nearly noon, Qin Feng do not know how many times tried, but every time the outcome can be predicted that the miracle did not occur.  Qin Feng clinched fists, frowned, had to be sweet and innocent face is a trace of an hideous.  "Hey, Qin Feng child, be completely ruined. 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